Tokyo’s Rising Advertising Startups Shaping Asia’s Commercial Landscape

January 30, 2024

In the thriving scene of Tokyo’s startup ecosystem, a constellation of innovative advertising companies are making their mark. Launching from 2020 and onwards, these startups are leveraging cutting-edge technology, creative strategies, and an eye for the emerging trends shaping the advertising industry. Here, we spotlight some of Tokyo’s most exciting advertising startups and explore how they’re disrupting the industry one campaign at a time.

Each of these companies is distinct, offering unique services that reflect the diverse needs of today’s innovative businesses. From professional services to content creation, digital marketing, event management, and more, these startups cover a wide spectrum of specialties within the broad landscape of advertising. Whether you’re a small business looking to increase visibility or a well-established company seeking new ways to connect with your audience, these startups offer fresh, creative solutions.

For this article, we have handpicked and profiled some of the most promising advertising startups that have emerged from Tokyo since 2020. The companies listed offer a glimpse into Tokyo’s vibrant and growing advertising startup scene, serving as testament to the city’s capacity to nurture and sustain innovative businesses.

N Inc

Located in Tokyo, N Inc operates in the advertising, marketing, and professional services industry. Founded by Kitagata Yuki and Shirahige Naoki, this startup leverages innovative strategies to offer top-notch services.

Off Beat

Off Beat specializes in advertising content and video advertising. Based in Tokyo, Off Beat is creating a unique niche for itself in the advertising industry.


Telecy is a Tokyo-based advertising, consulting, and marketing company. Bringing innovation in these industries, Telecy offers varied services to its clients.


Nestbowl is known for its wide-array of service offerings. Operating in advertising, consulting, event management, product design, project management, and recruitment industries, this Tokyo-based firm is a one-stop solution for various business needs.


Situated in Tokyo, Choiceeees specializes in advertising, digital media, marketing, web design, and web development. Choiceeees offers unique and creative advertising solutions to its clients.


Another Tokyo-based startup, Reientop operates within advertising, digital marketing, and printing industries, offering varied and innovative services to its clients.


Founded by Sho Yamaguchi, Araregumi operates in advertising, art, digital marketing, and graphic design. This Tokyo-based firm is blurring the lines between art and business communications.

Content Data Marketing

Content Data Marketing is a Tokyo-based startup that is specialized in advertising, content, content marketing, and services industries. The firm provides innovative solutions to improve the reach of businesses.


CREDIT SCORE is a unique startup that stands at the intersection of advertising, finance, and financial services. Based in Tokyo, CREDIT SCORE offers innovative strategies to tackle industry challenges.

PRAP node

The PRAP node is a Tokyo-based startup operating within the advertising, marketing, and public relations sector, offering innovative solutions that enable businesses to connect with their audiences more effectively.

WEIN Incubation Group

WEIN Incubation Group operates in advertising, digital marketing, and finance industry. This Tokyo-based startup is offering creative solutions to meet the challenges of today’s rapidly changing digital landscape.

These startups represent the dynamic spirit and creativity driving Tokyo’s advertising scene. Rooted in Tokyo, yet global in reach, they are proving their mettle in the challenging landscape of advertising. Their emergence speaks volumes about Tokyo’s potential as a hub for advertising startups. Undeniably, with the level of innovation and creativity seen, these startups are shaping the future of advertising in Tokyo and beyond.

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