Spotlight on Singapore: Pioneering Asian Analytics Startups Making Global Impact

January 2, 2024

In the analytical space, startups are the catalyst of innovation. With 2020 marking a paradigm shift in digital transformation, the year has been a springboard for several amazing startups operating in the analytical industry. In this article, we will be presenting startups based in Singapore that have been making waves in the analytics industry, using big data, AI, blockchain and other cutting-edge technologies to reinvent and reshape the domain. Most of these startups were incepted in 2020 or later, and their inspiring stories aimed at bringing about change in their respective fields are worth following.

These startups comprise an exciting mix of companies providing diverse solutions. Some are helping crypto investors with enriched on-chain data, while others are making the hiring process bias-free with cutting-edge algorithms. Some are providing SMEs with smart financial analytics, while others are offering AI-powered contract analytics for business intelligence. From quantitative finance models for the crypto market to predictive analytics for rubber industry supply chains, their innovative contributions in their respective fields are immense.

Considering the scale and intensity of their operation, we’ve selected the following startups to feature in this article. Each has been tried and tested to validate their excellence in their respective fields, and together, they provide a broad spectrum of solutions to various industries. Their unimaginable commitment of taking big data to another level is truly commendable.


Based in the Central Region of Singapore, Nansen has made its mark in the Analytics, Blockchain, and Cryptocurrency industry. Founded by Alex Svanevik, Evgeny Medvedev, and Lars Bakke Krogvig, this blockchain analytics platform enriches on-chain data with millions of wallet labels. Crypto investors trust Nansen’s real-time dashboards and alerts to perform due diligence, discover opportunities, and defend their portfolios. Follow them on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Una Brands

Una Brands, founded in 2020, operates in Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, E-Commerce, and Retail. Founders Adrian Johnston, Kiren Tanna, Kushal Patel, and Srinivasan Shridharan have developed a platform providing a fast and fair way for e-commerce business owners to sell their companies and transform their e-commerce brand into a household name using their data analytics and AI. Check them out on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Operating in Singapore’s Central region and working in Analytics, Consulting, and Information Services, Laevitas provides a data analytics platform based on quantitative finance models for crypto-asset markets. Follow them on LinkedIn.


Diversely, founded by Hayley Bakker and Helen McGuire, is helping businesses reach more diverse candidates quickly, easily, and cost-effectively by providing bias-free hiring tools and analytics. Follow Diversely on LinkedIn. operates in the Analytics, Blockchain, Developer APIs, and Fintech industry, providing data platforms that track liquidity pool gains and impermanent loss for DeFi investors and protocols. Follow on Twitter.


SmoothWork, founded by Matthew Tang, offers smart financial analytics helping small and medium enterprises (SMEs) get their finances in order. Operating in Analytics, Financial Services, you can learn more about them on LinkedIn.

inPact Technologies

InPact Technologies, founded by Jose L Sampedro Mazon and Siddhartha, leverages AI-powered contract analytics to unlock unprecedented insights for better management decisions. Follow them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

JCO Analytics

JCO Analytics, based in the North-East Region of Singapore, is making significant contributions in the Analytics, Consulting, and Data Visualization. Follow JCO Analytics on LinkedIn.

Dirac AI

Dirac AI, founded by Eugene Bochkov, operates in the Analytics, Artificial Intelligence sector from the Central Region of Singapore.

Helixtap Technologies

Founded by Farah Miller, Helixtap Technologies, a leading, independent, digital platform for the rubber industry, delivers actionable insight, drives value and creates opportunities for the entire supply chain. Follow Helixtap on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Ambient Systems

Founded by Ivan Damnjanović, Ambient Systems, a deep tech startup based in Singapore provides a data science subscription service for cyber-physical systems across industries. Follow Ambient Systems on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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