Spotlight on Kolkata’s Rising Web Development Startups in Asia’s Tech Scene

January 30, 2024

Over the past few years, the city of Kolkata, India, has become a hotbed for tech startups in different fields such as web development.
Several startups established in or after 2020 have marked a significant presence and are playing an instrumental role in shaping the area’s startup ecosystem.
Let’s check out some of these ventures that are steering the web development industry in Kolkata.

Time2Digital Media

With its headquarters in Kolkata, Time2Digital is a highly esteemed media and marketing company bringing together a skilled team of young entrepreneurs and experts. The team at Time2Digital is spearheading with groundbreaking ideas to build a promising tomorrow. You can connect with them via their official Facebook, LinkedIn, or @time2digital on Twitter.

Klaslead Productions

Co-founded by Saswata Modak, Klaslead Productions, is centered on offering IT services and consulting. In addition to their speciality, they also provide web development and hosting services. Check out their presence on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Digital N Beyond

Based in Kolkata, Digital N Beyond provides ample services ranging from advertising, brand personality, influencer marketing, to online marketing. They are focused on providing custom-made marketing plans and campaigns. Their online presence can be found on Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Digital Mitro

Digital Mitro is a leading digital marketing agency in Kolkata, making an imprint with its team of award-winning marketers and extensive knowledge in the digital sector. Their services range from providing solutions for SEO, SMO, PPC to a full-fledged web design and development service. Stay connected via Facebook, LinkedIn or follow them on Twitter at @DigitalMitro.


Co-founded by Krishnendu Das, Digibrood is a dynamic marketing agency providing complete digital marketing solutions. Serving over 800 clients, Digibrood provides services from website designing, mobile app development to e-commerce marketing. You can find them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

On Imaginative

Founded by Babu Dubey, On Imaginative is a Kolkata based digital marketing consultant. With in-depth knowledge of marketing, social media, and Internet technology, they provide creative, marketing, and content management solutions. You can follow them on Facebook, @onimaginative on Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Digitech Solutionz

Co-founded by Piyali M Roy, Digitech Solutionz is a one-stop solution provider dedicated to providing digital solutions to Educational Institutions, Online Sellers, Business Owners, and much more. Their services range from website designing to social media marketing to graphic designing. Connect with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Oneskai, co-founded by Sandeep Mondal and Swapan Kumar Manna, is a company providing end-to-end enterprise business solutions. Their products and services cover website development, app development, digital marketing, digital strategy consulting, and more. Connect on Facebook, @oneskai or LinkedIn.

Ethical Den

Ethical Den is a Digital Marketing Agency that helps businesses promote and reach their prospects at affordable prices. They serve their clients with top-notch digital marketing services. Follow them at Facebook, @EthicalDen on Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Brand Impetus

Co-founded by Sumit Mukherjee, Brand Impetus specializes in User Experience Design & Webflow Development. Trusted by companies from across the globe, this startup is creating effective user-centric products using the six-step UX Design Process, discussed in detail on their website. They can be reached via their LinkedIn page or at @BrandImpetus on Twitter.

Lencop Technologies Private Limited

Lencop Technologies Private Limited, co-founded by Dhiraj Chouhan, serves clients around the world by providing an array of services such as SEO, website design & development, graphics design, and much more. Follow Lencop on Facebook, @LencopT on Twitter, or connect via LinkedIn.

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