Showcasing Tokyo’s Rising Advertising Startups: A Focus on Asia

January 2, 2024

Tokyo, a hub of perpetual innovation and creativity, has been an epicenter of numerous startups – particularly in the advertising industry. The past year has seen a remarkable growth of companies taking distinctive approaches to change the face of the ad world. There are several startups that made their impressive entrance in 2020, contributing to a paradigm shift within the traditional advertising framework. Here we delve into a list of budding Tokyo-based advertising startups from 2020, shedding light on their unique offerings and approaches in engaging audiences.

Bearing in mind the rapid digital transformation hastened by the global pandemic, these startups consistently bring revolutionary solutions to the advertising market. Keeping pace with the ever-evolving consumer demand and leveraging the power of technology, they are redefining marketing strategies, making game-changing impacts on businesses. Here we raise the curtain on these promising startups that are disrupting the advertising world from Tokyo.

The diverse range of services provided by these startups is truly remarkable. From event management and digital marketing to video advertising and content creation, they are revolutionizing the way businesses approach and engage with their customers. Let’s delve into the distinctive traits that set these startups apart in the bustling advertising arena.

N Inc

Inception by Kitagata Yuki and Shirahige Naoki, N Inc operates in advertising, marketing, and professional services sectors. They bring creativity and innovation into the competitive sphere of advertising. They have a significant social media presence on platforms like Facebook.

Off Beat

Off Beat, with its inception in Tokyo, has been specializing in advertising, content creation, and video advertising. They bring together creativity and engaging content to provide effective advertising solutions for a variety of industries.


Telecy is a Tokyo-based advertising startup offering services in advertising, consulting, and marketing. They stand out with their innovative marketing solutions. Telecy also maintains a professional profile on LinkedIn.


Nestbowl offers a diverse range of services from advertising and consulting to event management and staffing. They ensure a broad spectrum of services, meeting varied business needs. Their social presence can be tracked on their Facebook and LinkedIn profiles.

J-Grip Marketing

J-Grip Marketing operates in the realms of advertising, public relations, UX design, and more. They have a significant presence on Facebook and LinkedIn, helping businesses connect to their potential clients with their unique solutions.


Choiceeees stands as an innovative startup operating in advertising, digital media, marketing, and more. They focus on delivering creative and impactful marketing strategies, maximizing business growth.


Reientop provides services in advertising, digital marketing, and printing. They bring unique and engaging content for businesses, showcasing their brand to potential customers. Connect with them via their Facebook page.


North and South specialize in advertising and marketing, delivering effective ad campaigns that bring businesses closer to their customers. Stay up to date with them on Facebook.

Rakuten Scream

Rakuten Scream, based in Tamagawa, Tokyo, operates in the fields of advertising and the developer platform. They are recognized for their innovative advertisement solutions, significantly contributing to the industry.


Araregumi, founded by Sho Yamaguchi, offers services in advertising, digital marketing, and more. They drive effective ad campaigns with creativity, precision, and innovation at their disposal.

Content Data Marketing

Content Data Marketing is a pioneer in advertising, content marketing, and the service industry. They provide effective solutions, bringing together an impressive blend of creativity, technology, and strategy. Follow their updates on their Facebook page.

In conclusion, Tokyo’s start-up scene, particularly in the advertising industry, is indeed a vibrant one. With these exciting new companies, the future of advertising in Tokyo and across Asia seems promising and fun-filled.

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