Shanghai’s IoT Revolution: 15 Pioneers Shaping the Digital Future

October 4, 2023

1. Lianku: Pioneering Cold Storage IoT
Website: Lianku
Lianku is spearheading the next generation of cold storage solutions. By leveraging IoT big data services, they are ensuring that temperature-sensitive goods remain at optimal conditions throughout their journey.

2. SmartAHC: Revolutionizing Animal Care with Tech
Website: SmartAHC
With the blend of sensors, IoT, and computer vision technology, SmartAHC is enhancing the well-being of livestock and revolutionizing traditional animal husbandry methods.

3. XINYI Information Technology Ltd: IoT Chip Innovators
Website: XINYI
Positioning themselves at the forefront of IoT chip technology, XINYI is dedicated to the R&D and sales of cutting-edge IoT communication chips.

4. Yi Nongyuan: Digitizing Traditional Agriculture
Website: Yi Nongyuan
Yi Nongyuan is merging the worlds of agriculture and technology, helping to transform ancient farming methods into a digital powerhouse of efficiency.

5. String AI: The Future of AI+IoT in Agriculture and Forestry
Website: String AI
By offering both PaaS and SaaS platform services, String AI is introducing the wonders of AI+IoT to agriculture and forestry sectors.

6. WALKTECH: Pioneers of IoT Terminal Security
WALKTECH’s innovative approaches focus on IoT terminal security, safeguarding a connected future for all.

7. ensenmax: Industrial Gas Monitoring Solutions
Website: ensenmax
Offering intelligent industrial gas monitoring, ensenmax is merging IoT solutions to ensure safe and efficient operations across industries.

8. Carbon Balance Technology: Paving the Path for Carbon Neutrality
Website: Carbon Balance Technology
Carbon Balance Technology is leading the green revolution with their carbon neutral digital solution services.

9. H-Grace: City-wide Aid and Assistance Solutions
Website: H-Grace
With a vision for a safer urban future, H-Grace is promoting city-level mutual assistance and first aid IoT solutions.

10. Tarran: Smart Connectivity and Big Data Services
Website: Tarran
Tarran stands out with its innovative IoT intelligent solutions, wireless intelligent interconnection, and big data services.

11. Lumous Intelligence: Diverse Service Solutions
Website: Lumous Intelligence
Lumous Intelligence is the go-to for support solutions catering to a wide range of service needs.

12. Opnous: Leading in Smart Sensing AI Tech
Website: Opnous
Focused on innovation, Opnous provides turn-key system solutions while establishing itself as a leader in smart sensing AI technology.

13. Timesilicon: AI Edge Computing Pioneers
Website: Timesilicon
Dedicated to professional AI edge computing, Timesilicon is making waves as a reliable chip and solution provider.

14. Infinity Technology Services Limited: The LiFi Leaders
Website: Infinity Technology Services Limited
Though based in Hong Kong, Infinity Technology has positioned itself as a vanguard in Shanghai’s IoT scene with its groundbreaking LiFi technology.

15. Molian Technology: Guardians of Identity and Data Privacy
Website: Molian Technology
Molian Technology is at the forefront of IoT, focusing on the crucial aspects of identity authentication and data privacy protection.

These 15 startups demonstrate Shanghai’s prowess in IoT innovation, highlighting the city’s commitment to pioneering a connected, intelligent future.

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