Riyadh’s Analytics Pioneers: Profiling Asian Startups Reshaping Data Insights

January 3, 2024


The growth of the startup scene in Riyadh is fast-paced, with many leveraging advanced analytics to provide innovative solutions within various industries stretching from Fintech, E-commerce, Artificial Intelligence, and more. In this article, we’ll be spotlighting a selection of startups birthed in 2020 or later that are making impressive strides in their respective fields, all directly from Riyadh.

What many of these startups have in common is the adoption of analytics as a fundamental part of their product or service. The use of these detailed data insights is a trend that has propelled strategic decision-making, offering direct benefits such as improved operational efficiency, more enlightened strategy, and enhanced customer service.

Apart from the integration of analytics, these startups are also notable for their rapid growth in such a short period of existence. This growth, of course, is no coincidence as they all boast teams of experienced founders and leadership with a clear innovative vision for their respective industries


Founded by Hamza AlFarhan and Muhammad Al-Aiban, Nearpay is a FinTech company providing flexible payment acceptance solutions targeting micro-merchant transactions to mobile merchants. Learn more here.


A product of the innovative minds of Ahmad Ramahi and Mohammad Abu Kwaik, WeDeliver provides exceptional B2B logistics and last-mile delivery services. Learn more here.

Mala’a Technologies

Mala’a Technologies, was founded by Ali Alorainy and Faisal Alqarni, to help people manage all their financial matters from several bank accounts in one location. It supports tracking costs, keeping an eye on credit, and investing money. Learn more here.


Founded by Mansour Al-Harbi, Dawul allows investors to share details of the financial status of their portfolios with other investors. Learn more here.


Scalers, a product of Faysal Alghethber and Mohammed Mohammed Alsaeed’s innovative thinking, helps Saudi youth enter the job market by enhancing their skills for modern employment and connecting them to employers. Learn more here.

QVM Software

Founded by Abdullah Al-Zain, Fareed Rezaei, and Tariq Rezaei, QVM Software connects Vehicles Parts vendors worldwide through its B2B SaaS Enabled Marketplace (SEM) solution. Learn more here.


A brainchild of Amin Alatrash and Hasan Jabarti, DIGGIPACKS is a delivery service covering over 13 locations in Saudi Arabia and offering fulfillment and storage requirements with full optimization. Learn more here.


Founded by Abdulaziz Alabdullatif and Mohammed Alhulayyil, Tikna is specialized in big data analytics and AI. Learn more here.

Retailo Technologies

Founded by Muhammad Ansari, Muhammad Nowkhaiz, and Wahaj Ahmed, Retailo Technologies has digitized retail supply chains, offering services to over 35,000 active retailers. Learn more here.


Founded by Ahmad Al-Debasi, SmSm combines superior experience with quality products at competitive prices. Learn more here.


A real estate platform utilizing open data and AI, Suhail is revolutionizing the real estate industry in Riyadh. Discover more here.


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