Rising Tokyo Digital Media Startups Revolutionizing Asia’s Tech Landscape

January 30, 2024

Tokyo, the epicenter of Japan’s vibrant startup ecosystem, has in recent years become a hotbed for digital media startups. The rich culture and highly-skilled talent pool coupled with the city’s advanced technology and infrastructure have made the city a melting pot for innovation and entrepreneurship. The year 2020 brought forth a new tide of digital media startups in Tokyo, shedding a ray of hope amidst a global pandemic.

Digital media has seen a transformative explosion in recent years, with new innovative ideas taking precedence each day. These startups are bringing about a change – redefining conventions, pushing boundaries, and driving a novel era of digitization and technology-driven solutions in various sectors.

Here are some exceptional digital media startups located in Tokyo, Japan that emerged recently and are ready to disrupt the tech-space with their unique propositions:


Located in Tokyo, Choiceeees is a digital media service provider offering advertising, digital media, marketing, web design, and web development services. Their innovative approach has successfully been turning heads in the industry.


Renowned for its ventures in digital media, Comatsuna is penetrating its way into the healthcare and medical sectors as well. The company is paving the way for digital health and continues to make remarkable progress.

Liver Bank

Liver Bank is a renowned name in the digital marketing and digital media sectors in Japan. The company has made substantial strides in the industry with its creatively inspired marketing strategies.

Hinata NFT

Hinata NFT is a pioneer in the business development, content creation, and digital media domains in Tokyo, Japan. It is making waves in the multi-billion dollar NFT market with their groundbreaking solutions.


Founded by Asif Hameed and Hinza Asif, NFTStudio24.com is the one-stop platform for the latest news on NFT, Metaverse, Decentralization, Crypto, and Blockchain. The website is growing immensely, empowering the global community with knowledge on these increasingly significant topics.


GIGATOON Studio is successfully bridging the gap between comics, digital entertainment, digital media, and eBooks. Their ventures in these fields have been noteworthy and continue to garner attention.

Zero Ichi Zero

Co-founded by Takami Hiroshi and Tsutsumi Kazumasa, Zero Ichi Zero is a distinguished name in the field of digital media, information technology, and news.


LOOV is a known service provider in content marketing, digital media, education and video sales. Their diverse portfolio has made them a significant player in the industry.

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