Rising Japanese Startups Revolutionizing the Asian Advertising Industry Landscape

January 2, 2024

In recent years, Japan has seen an upsurge in the number of startups as the country moves away from its traditional salaryman and lifelong employment culture. One industry that has captured the spirit of this new era is advertising; providing cutting edge marketing and communication solutions with a unique Japanese touch. Most of these startups have been born out of the disruptive effects of digital transformation and the COVID-19 pandemic on the advertising industry. In this article, we showcase the promising advertising startups in Japan that were founded in 2020 or later.

These emerging advertising agencies capture the essence of modern Japan, merging traditional business practices with sharp technological insight. From providing new marketing strategies to revolutionizing professional services, these startups have quickly become influential entities in the industry. As a testament to the resilience of these companies, most were founded amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, proving that times of crisis can also be times of opportunity.

One key characteristic common to these startups is their commitment to providing bespoke advertising solutions to their clients. Although their business models vary, they all strive to offer innovative services that are tailored to their clients’ needs. Whether it’s through exceptional content creation or unique marketing strategies, these startups are not only surviving in a competitive industry but are also shaping its future in Japan.

N Inc

N Inc is a Tokyo-based startup that combines advertising, marketing, and professional services. Co-founded by Kitagata Yuki and Shirahige Naoki, the company aims to revolutionize the world of brand promotion with its innovative solutions.

Off Beat

Off Beat is an advertising company specializing in content creation and video advertising. Established in Tokyo, it is known for its cutting-edge methods in presenting and promoting brands.


Combining advertising, marketing, and consulting services, Telecy is an emerging player in the Tokyo advertising scene. With their innovative solutions, they cater to businesses looking to pivot and thrive in the digital age.


Operating in Tokyo, Nestbowl offers a wide range of services such as advertising, consulting, event management, product design, project management, and staffing. They are recognized for their holistic approach in handling their clients.


Based in Minato, Chiba, KOWBO is an advertising startup providing exceptional consulting and service industry solutions. They pride themselves in providing incomparable outcomes for their clients.


deqwas, stationed in Minato, Chiba, integrates advertising, internet, media and entertainment in creating memorable brand promotions. Their method unites the digital and solid world making them a distinct player in the advertising industry.

J-Grip Marketing

Founded in Setagaya, Tokyo, J-Grip Marketing anchors on advertising, public relations, UX Design, Video on Demand, and web design. Their unified marketing approach ensures they provide all-rounded solutions for brands’ visibility.


Choiceeees, located in Tokyo, majors in advertising, digital and media marketing, web design, and development. The company utilizes online platforms to enhance the visibility and growth of their clients’ brands.


Reientop is centered in Tokyo and is committed to creating compelling advertising campaigns. Their services encapsulate advertising, digital marketing, and printing, making them adaptable and versatile in managing clients’ brand presentations.


NORTH AND SOUTH is an advertising and marketing startup based in Akasaka, Tokyo. They are known for their persuasive and captivating video advertising campaigns that galvanize brand growth.

Rakuten Scream

Situated in Tamagawa, Tokyo, Rakuten Scream is a developer platform that combines advertising and technological application development. Their dual-strategy ensures they provide tech-driven advertisement solutions that drive brand visibility.

In conclusion, these startups are reshaping the landscape of the advertising industry in Japan, offering innovative and strategic solutions for modern marketing challenges. Regardless of the difficulties that they may encounter, their creativity and adaptability ensure their continued relevance in this rapidly evolving sector.

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