Revolutionizing Tech Support: Spotlight on Tokyo-Based Startups in Asia

January 30, 2024

In recent times, the Asian startup scene has witnessed exponential growth, with a focus on new businesses in the technological sector. With the advent of digitalization, startups in the technical support industry, specifically, have flourished in Asia; an evolution birthed from the increasing need for innovation and improved solutions in an increasingly digital world. This article showcases some groundbreaking startups, headquartered in Tokyo, that have erupted onto the scene since 2020.

The selection of companies herein captures a wide variety of industries within the technological space, from Artificial Intelligence to Software Development and beyond. These startups not only symbolize Asia’s tech renaissance but also represent the region’s thriving entrepreneurial spirit. Indubitably, they provide the foundation for unprecedented technological growth and innovation in Asia.

The diverse and flexible nature of these startups has allowed them to traverse different economic sectors. Thus, they are expanding technological advent, growth, and usage within Asia. This next part of our series, therefore, presents the top Tokyo-based startups, their industries, founders, and a brief description of what they’re all about.


Avanssion, an Ed x HR Tech startup, specializes in creating English learning apps for iOS devices. Their innovative technology aims to pave the way for a better educational system for everyone, globally.
Connect with them at LinkedIn.

Sony AI

Sony AI operates within the intersection of Artificial Intelligence, Gaming, and Information Technology. As part of the renowned Sony brand, Sony AI carries forward a legacy of innovation within the tech industry. Check out Sony AI on Facebook and LinkedIn to stay updated with their work.


Xenera is a diverse startup working in Consulting, Technical Support, and Web Design. Their work is centered around providing technologically advanced solutions that drive growth for their clients.

Tanaka House

Tanaka House operates within a wide range of sectors including Advertising, Information Technology, and Marketing. Their diverse industry presence makes them a significant player in the Tokyo tech startup scene.


Shinseido focuses on Business Development, IT Management, and Technical Support services. They aim to provide efficient and effective tech solutions to businesses of varying sizes.


Working within Information Technology, Software, and Technical Support, Haudi operates to create innovative and user-friendly tech solutions. Catch up on their latest developments on Facebook


Wavelet operates in the fields of Environmental Consulting and Technical Support, showcasing the flexibility of technology in driving growth in different sectors.


Unidge‘s expertise lies in Business Development, Collaboration, and Database solutions, among others. Their diversified portfolio positions them at an enviable spot within the startup scene.


Operating within E-commerce and Marketing, Katariji represents the increasing shift towards digital commerce. Follow them on LinkedIn to keep track of their developments.


BizMagic specializes in creating platforms for developers while also providing sales and technical support solutions. They represent the confluence of technological innovation and market requirements.

MT Technologies

The last startup on our list, MT Technologies, is a company operating within Information Technology, Online Games, and Software Development, a testament to the multifaceted nature of technology and its application.

Undoubtedly, these startups provide only a snapshot of the thriving technical support industry within Tokyo and, by extension, the Asian continent. They exemplify a potent mix of ambition, innovation, and drive that is propelling a technological revolution within the region. Clearly, the future is exciting, and we can’t wait to see what they come up with next!

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