Revolutionizing Health Care: Innovative Companies Shaping Singapore’s Future

June 11, 2023

Singapore’s health care landscape is undergoing a transformative shift, driven by innovative startups that leverage technology to enhance accessibility, improve diagnosis, and promote holistic well-being. In this article, we showcase 15 pioneering companies in Singapore’s Central Region that are revolutionizing the health care industry. From telehealth platforms to mental health solutions, genetic testing to artificial intelligence, these startups are reshaping the future of health care in Singapore.

Doctor Anywhere


Doctor Anywhere is a leading telehealth company that connects patients with a network of qualified doctors, allowing them to receive medical consultations and healthcare services remotely. With their user-friendly platform, Doctor Anywhere brings quality health care to the fingertips of individuals across Singapore.



Qritive aims to revolutionize cancer diagnosis by making it fast, affordable, and accurate. Using advanced technologies and algorithms, Qritive enhances the efficiency of cancer screening and supports early detection, enabling timely interventions for better patient outcomes.



Intellect is dedicated to making mental health care and wellbeing support accessible to everyone. Their platform provides mental health resources, counseling services, and tools for self-improvement, empowering individuals to prioritize and take control of their mental well-being.



Docquity is a health technology platform that connects medical professionals and facilitates knowledge-sharing among industry experts. Through this network, doctors gain access to valuable insights, professional collaboration, and continuous medical education, ultimately enhancing the quality of patient care.



Zenyum offers innovative 3D-printed invisible braces and a range of Smile Cosmetics across Asia. Their cutting-edge orthodontic solutions provide affordable and convenient teeth-straightening options, transforming smiles and boosting self-confidence.



Speedoc is a virtual clinic and healthcare solutions platform that enables patients to receive medical care and services from the comfort of their homes. With on-demand house calls, telemedicine consultations, and medication delivery, Speedoc redefines the traditional healthcare experience.



WhiteCoat is a virtual platform that offers telemedicine and tele-treatment consultations. Patients can connect with qualified doctors for medical advice, diagnosis, and prescription fulfillment, all through the convenience of their smartphones.



MindPeers provides a SaaS platform for behavioral wellness and mental strength. With their suite of digital tools, organizations can prioritize employee mental health, foster well-being, and promote a positive work culture.



ZumVet brings veterinary care to your doorstep through video calls and medication delivery. This convenient and affordable service ensures that pets receive professional care and advice from licensed veterinarians without the need for physical visits.

Bot MD


Bot MD is an artificial intelligence-powered clinical assistant designed to support doctors in delivering improved patient care. By leveraging natural language processing and machine learning, Bot MD provides quick access to medical information, assisting healthcare professionals in making informed decisions.



Nalagenetics is a biotechnology company that specializes in genetic testing services. Through comprehensive genomic analysis, Nalagenetics provides individuals with valuable insights into their genetic predispositions, empowering them to make informed health decisions.



MindFi is an employee mental health and well-being app that delivers personalized self-care recommendations and support. With mindfulness exercises, stress management techniques, and relaxation tools, MindFi promotes mental well-being in the workplace.



AMILI is a precision gut microbiome company focused on improving digestive health. Through advanced diagnostics and personalized interventions, AMILI aims to optimize gut health and enhance overall well-being.

Website develops software and digital tools for echocardiography using artificial intelligence. By leveraging machine learning algorithms, enhances the accuracy and efficiency of cardiac imaging, aiding in the diagnosis and management of cardiovascular diseases.

Aevice Health


Aevice Health is a MedTech company that addresses chronic respiratory diseases. Their innovative respiratory monitoring solutions enable early detection of respiratory distress, empowering patients and healthcare professionals to proactively manage respiratory conditions.

These pioneering health care startups in Singapore’s Central Region are reshaping the industry, bringing about transformative changes in how health care is delivered, accessed, and experienced. By leveraging technology, innovation, and a patient-centric approach, these companies are paving the way for a healthier future in Singapore and beyond.

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