Revolutionizing FinTech: Top Tel Aviv Startups Dominating the Asian Market

January 30, 2024

In the vibrant city of Tel Aviv, Israel, a number of promising FinTech startups emerged in 2020, demonstrating novel approaches to financial services and technologies. This article aims to highlight some of these groundbreaking companies and the innovative solutions they offer in e-commerce, payments, enterprise software, financial planning, analysis, and more.

These startups are part of a global trend in the growth of financial technology, where traditional financial services are being replaced or supplemented by innovative digital solutions. They are reshaping the financial landscape by improving processes, enhancing customer experience, and providing better ways of doing business.

It’s truly remarkable to realize the diversity and sheer volume of FinTech innovation Israel has personified into these startups which have not only garnered local prominence but are also making waves internationally. Let’s explore these companies further.


Founded by Assaf Dagan, Roie Yellin, and Yaron Shapira, 8fig is a development planning and funding platform that aids e-commerce businesses. With their LinkedIn, Facebook, and @eightfig Twitter account, they are making their presence known in the e-commerce financial services sector.


Justt was launched by founders Ofir Tahor and Roenen Ben-Ami, turning the laborious credit card dispute process into an effortless experience for merchants using machine learning. The company is connected via LinkedIn, Facebook, and @justt_ai Twitter.


fintastic was envisioned by founders Eric Shellef, Hamutal Anavi Russo, and Jonathan Einav as an advanced FP&A solution that transforms data and financial models into real business value. You can find them on LinkedIn.


Built by founders Bar Geron and Yoni Shuster, Balance revolutionizes the B2B online purchasing experience for vendors and buyers. The company can be found on LinkedIn, Facebook, and @GetBalanceHQ Twitter.


Founded by Anton Kucherov, Doron Passov, and Matan Fattal, IVIX is an AI-driven platform that aids tax authorities in reducing tax evasion. Connect with them on LinkedIn.

UNIPaaS Payments Technologies

David Avgi, Limor Liberman, Oded Kovach, and Tsach Einav are behind UNIPaaS, a payment solution that empowers digital platforms to manage, own, and benefit from financial services. Follow them on LinkedIn.

Wix Capital

The internal venture arm of Wix, Wix Capital invests in early-stage companies providing significant industry opportunities that will help shape the future of the web. Track their progress on LinkedIn, Facebook, and @wix Twitter.


Founded by Itai Allouche, Allsurance is a digital insurance agent powered by AI. Their system adapts the most affordable offer to client needs with convenience. Find out more about them on LinkedIn and Facebook. is an AI-powered platform that helps retail investors get critical financial information easily irrespective of their financial literacy level. Follow on LinkedIn and Facebook.


Founded by Omri Peled, Bllink is a financial solution for residential buildings, offering a seamless digital payment option for building management teams. Connect with Bllink on LinkedIn and Facebook.

GMI Ventures

Driven by Nurit Mor Cohen, GMI Ventures seeks to develop local talents that meet the specific needs of their global partners and investors. Check them out on LinkedIn.


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