Revolutionizing Agriculture: Pioneering Asian Startups Emerging from India

January 2, 2024

Asia is at the forefront of innovation and growth, with a lot of this driven by startups. These agile businesses have the advantage of being able to identify areas of potential growth more easily than larger organisations. In this article, we will focus on a growing sector within the startup ecosystem in India – agriculture. Given the importance of this sector to the economy, a number of startups have emerged within this field, addressing pressing issues around farming, AgTech, and supply chain challenges and delivering creative solutions. Let’s delve deeper into these startups founded in 2020 or later operating in the Agriculture industry in India.

When it comes to agri-tech solutions in the country, a few names stand out. Vegrow, Poshn, and Deep Rooted, each cater to different areas within the sector. However, they all share a common goal – leveraging technology to make farming more efficient and beneficial for farmers, traders, and consumers. Agrizy, Krishika, and Kisanwala are also making strides in reinforcing supply chains and bringing quality farm inputs closer to the farmers.

Adding on to the list, Faarms plays a major role in providing a digital platform for farmers to access all their needs including seeds, fertilizer, and insecticides. Furthermore, through OriginKonnect, O’AgriFarm, Helicrofter, and Kissan Pro, the agriculture sector is witnessing an evolution driven by technology. These startups are revolutionizing the way farmers interact with the market and manage their resources, thus paving the way for a much-needed digital transformation. Now, let’s put the spotlight on these innovators.


Located in Bangalore, Vegrow is a tech platform co-founded by Kiran Naik, Mrudhukar Batchu, Praneeth Kumar, and Shobhit Jain. With a mission to build the world’s biggest asset-light farmer, Vegrow partners with farmers to aggregate supply and sell to organized demand through partnerships. By simplifying farming and increasing land utilization, Vegrow is revolutionizing the agriculture sector. It operates in the Agriculture, AgTech, Farming, and Software industries.


Making its mark in the New Delhi startup scene, Poshn provides a much-needed platform for wholesale buyers and sellers in the agriculture realm. The company streamlines wholesale trading by offering full-stack services. As a cash flow management, distribution, and record-keeping solution, Poshn is proving to be a game-changer in the Agriculture, E-Commerce, Farming, and Marketing industries.

Deep Rooted

Another Bangalore-based startup, Deep Rooted offers freshness that benchmarks the quality. They meaningfully partner with farmers and craft an experience of ‘Eating Fresh’ & ‘Eating Clean’. Deep Rooted is helping shape the industry’s narrative, operating within the Agriculture, Farming, and Organic industries.


Agrizy is committed to bridging the processed agri supply chain using a tech-first platform. The Bengaluru-based startup is making significant strides in the Agriculture, Supply Chain Management industries.


Co-founded by Alok Duggal and Taranbir Singh, Faarms is a digital platform serving farmers’ requirements. They want to provide farmers with a one-stop shop for all of their needs, including seeds, fertilizer, insecticides, animal feed, and more. The startup, based out of Bengaluru, also provides videos on a variety of topics about agriculture-related goods and methods.


Founded by Anshumali Dwivedi, Krishika is based out of Noida, Uttar Pradesh, in India. It is an organization committed to assisting farmers by providing free crop lifecycle advisory and superior farm inputs at competitive prices.


Based out of Hyderabad, Kisanwala assists farmers through providing end-to-end solutions for all their farming needs. It operates within the Agriculture, Apps, Farming, Information Services, and Information Technology industries.


OriginKonnect, based in Mumbai, operates within the Agriculture, Farming, and Food and Beverage areas. The company has made significant strides in the agriculture industry, leveraging technology to foster growth and development.


Co-founded by Nitin Jain and based out of Gurgaon, O’AgriFarm is driven by passion for agriculture. They aim to solve issues with agricultural value chains and build a better world through agriculture.


Helicrofter, founded by Siddhartha Choudhary in Mumbai, is an e-commerce platform. It provides Agri-tech services for farmers and an easy-to-use mobile app that allows access to premium agricultural brands.

Kissan Pro

Based in Bengaluru, KissanPro, founded by Ravindra Dasoundhi, empowers farmers through technology, design, and data science. It provides farmers with an all-in-one platform while promoting the effective use of the most advanced technology.

The startups discussed have not only ushered in a new age of technological innovation and digitization, but have also ensured that one of India’s oldest professions – farming – gets a much-needed makeover. Their pioneering work will not only shape the future of farming in India but will also drive India’s agritech revolution.

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