Pune’s Pioneers: 15 Rising AI Startups Powering The Future

October 4, 2023

1. Rocket AI

Revolutionizing Digital Transformation
Rocket AI presents a transformative platform merging low-code/no-code, robotic process automation, and AI, bringing digital overhaul within grasp for businesses.

2. Metahire

Recruiting Excellence Through Machine Learning
Metahire’s platform optimizes talent acquisition by integrating video interviews with AI-powered pre-hire assessments.

3. Iobot

Quality Tech Solutions For Modern Challenges
Iobot leverages the latest tech solutions, infusing in-depth knowledge with quality assurance for its clientele.

4. Myraah

Web Presence Multiplied With AI
Assisting SMEs, Myraah employs AI to create an online presence in English and various Indian languages, broadening their reach exponentially.

5. Acrobuild

Revolutionizing Real Estate with AI-driven CRM
A frontrunner in IT, Acrobuild focuses on an AI-integrated CRM tailored for the real estate sector.

6. Keito

Eradicating Data Silos One Extraction At A Time
Keito’s human-assisted, low-code machine learning platform focuses on information extraction, enabling enterprises to harness their data more efficiently.

7. CutShort

AI’s Answer to Efficient Recruitment
Endorsed by over 8,000 companies, CutShort’s AI-infused recruitment platform and SaaS software have become a trusted solution for giants like Google.

8. Predis.ai

Optimizing Social Media Content With AI
From brands to influencers, Predis.ai’s AI-powered toolkit offers content strategy analysis and hashtag recommendations for enhanced social media engagement.

9. Adagrad AI

Empowering Businesses with Advanced AI Research
Adagrad AI stands at the forefront of AI research, enabling organizations to benefit from cutting-edge technologies.

10. Propellor

The Single Source of Truth for E-commerce & D2C Brands
Propellor.ai facilitates data-driven decision-making for E-commerce and D2C brands, empowering them to scale rapidly.

11. Megdap

Breaking Language Barriers in Business
Megdap’s AI platform for language processing allows enterprises to communicate with customers in their preferred language.

12. KlearStack

AI Innovations Beyond Boundaries
Though briefly described, KlearStack’s reputation in the AI sphere is undeniable, making it a force to be reckoned with.

13. Rabbit and Tortoise Technology Solutions

Harnessing AI for Advanced Solutions
Offering AI, machine learning, and deep learning solutions, this startup aptly personifies the fable’s lesson: steady, innovative progress leads to success.

14. Automaton AI

A Deep Dive into Deep Learning
Automaton AI takes pride in its unified deep learning platform, positioning itself as an innovator in the AI ecosystem.

15. Eldr

Connecting Elders Through AI
Eldr’s platform bridges the generational gap, offering an AI-powered community for elders and caregivers, ensuring a support system like no other.

These 15 startups showcase the vast potential and diverse applications of AI. As Pune continues its journey as a tech hub, these companies stand as testaments to the city’s innovation and future potential.

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