Prominent Jakarta-Based Finance Startups Revolutionizing Asia’s Financial Landscape

January 30, 2024

In recent years, the financial landscape in Jakarta, Indonesia, has seen a flourish of innovation and growth, thanks to the rise of various startups in the finance industry. In this article, we shine a spotlight on prominent financial startups headquartered in Jakarta that have been founded in or after 2020. These businesses are blending technology and finance in unique ways to bring about meaningful changes in the financial sector. From employee benefits to lending platforms, these startups have redefined how businesses and individuals interact with finance daily.

Characterized by their innovation, determination, and resilience, these companies are not just surviving – they’re thriving. They have adapted to market needs, offering services in multiple finance-related sectors such as employee benefits, financial services, fintech, personal finance, software, and more. Their work testifies to the increasing influence the tech industry has on our lives – for employees in companies, businesses, and anyone else who uses their services.

Here, we examine the companies GajiGesa, Credibook, SayaKaya, Eidupay, Creedix, Bitocto,LABABOOK, Invo, Broom, Finku and IDEAL Indonesia – and celebrate their contributions to Indonesia’s thriving financial industry.


GajiGesa, founded in 2020 by Martyna Malinowska and Vidit Agrawal, is a fintech platform that aims to provide financial wellness to Indonesian employees. With a powerful platform that offers services such as earned wage access, GajiGesa enables workers to control their financial lives with dignity. The company, which currently partners over 60 companies, has witnessed a 12x growth since January and has doubled its overall enterprise customer base in the last quarter. The company’s mission gets a further boost with the launch of GajiTim, Southeast Asia’s first employee management app for MSMEs and SMEs, aimed at businesses with 5 to 100 workers, which gained over 50,000 users since its launch in mid-March.


Credibook, established by Dekha Anggareska, digitizes the wholesale and retail supply chain to ensure efficient inventory sourcing. The startup enables business owners to manage their financial records and order management with ease, with plans of expanding across Indonesia.


SayaKaya is a financial service platform that focuses on hedge funds. The company, as of now, has not provided much information about its services and founders.


Eidupay is a platform that assists users with personal finance, launched by founder Dewi Yuniati Asih. The company diligently works on creating apps for handling financial transactions smoothly and safely.


Founded in 2019 by Jonathan Low, Creedix uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to assist lenders in underwriting credit risk and managing debt collections. The company has the vision of making fair and transparent credit scores accessible to everyone, thus contributing to lenders’ better decision-making process and efficient loan portfolio management.


Bitocto, founded by Milken Jonathan, is a next-generation cryptocurrency exchange aiming to simplify the process of buying and selling Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The company is focused on providing more liquidity and easy accessibility to this new asset class.


LABABOOK, established by Andreas Christiansen and Shabila Arben, aims to empower MSMEs in Indonesia to be more finance-savvy and expand their business using their technology platform. They start small: Support MSMEs to record their transactions digitally and educate them in entrepreneurial skills.


Founded by Mahardika Prima and Rio Darmawan, Invo is an on-demand payments platform that allows small businesses to collect payments online using a simple link, thus making the payment process efficient and hassle-free.


The automotive finance company Broom provides access for dealers to obtain short-term loans by putting their inventory of cars as collateral.


Finku, founded in 2021 by Reinaldo Tendean, Shyam Kalairajah, and Shylla Estee Pramadhani, is a financial application offering a personal finance platform for all Indonesians. It works to eliminate financial illiteracy in Indonesia, allowing people to leverage the financial ecosystem better and make sound financial decisions.

IDEAL Indonesia

Founded by Albert Raharja Surjaudaja, Ian Daniel Santoso, and Indira Nur Shadrina, IDEAL Indonesia is a digital mortgage lending platform enabling homebuyers to connect with an ecosystem of property developers and banks that matches their needs.

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