Mumbai’s Advice Startups: Emerging Gems in Asia’s Business Consultancy Sphere

January 4, 2024

Asia holds a goldmine of innovations, ideas, and groundbreaking startups. A testament to this fact is the birth of new entries in the Advice Industry in recent years, more notably in 2020 and later. This article highlights such standout startups based in Mumbai, the financial and entertainment hub of India. From financial services to healthcare, these young businesses successfully blend technology and expert advice to bring transformative and disruptive services to the market.

The ingenuity of these startups already exhibits the potential for colossal societal impact, while their dynamism brings promise to the future of the business landscape and economy of not only India, but Asia as a whole. We invite you to learn more about these brilliant startups shaking up the Advice Industry in Mumbai.

Without further ado, let’s dive into exploring these inventive ventures.


Credilio, located in the heart of Mumbai, operates in the advice, financial services, fintech, and personal finance industry. Founders Aditya Gupta et al. have crafted a digital financial ecosystem that deals with loans, credit cards, and advisory services. This innovative platform aims to provide easy, fast, and reliable financial solutions to individuals and families. Connect with them on their social platform handles – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.

Veera Health

In the intersection of health and technology is Veera Health, a Mumbai-based startup operating in the advice, apps, consulting, healthcare, and wellness industry. Veera Health, the brainchild of founders Shashwata Narain and Shobhita Narain, has launched an app that combines evidence-backed therapy with coaching and specialist support for a subscription fee, providing efficient healthcare solutions straight in your palms.


Spearheaded by founders Amit Bansal and Anurag Pandey, an innovative fintech startup by the name of Nimbbl is making waves in Mumbai. Active in the advice, financial services, payments, and transaction processing industry, Nimbbl aims to revolutionize online businesses by tackling the problem of cart abandonment. Follow Nimbbl on their Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages.


Another pioneering startup from Mumbai is LXME. Operating in the advice, communities, financial services, impact investing, and lending industry, LXME is dedicated to empowering women on their financial journeys. This unique financial platform provides savings, lending, and investment services, simultaneously fostering a safe women-only community to discuss money matters. Follow LXME on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Speaker Influencer

Speaker Influencer is shaping the future of consultation and market research industry in Mumbai. As an advice, consulting, content, and market research company, Speaker Influencer aims to support and amplify the influence of speakers across various platforms. Connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Aapka CFO

Last but not least, Aapka CFO is on a mission to revolutionize the advice, consulting, and financial service industry. The Mumbai-based startup strives to offer innovative financial management solutions, cultivating financial literacy, and encouraging savvy business insights. You can follow Aapka CFO on their Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages.

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