Innovating for a Healthier Future: Hong Kong’s Top Health Care Startups

August 1, 2023


In the vibrant city of Hong Kong, a wave of innovative health care startups is transforming the way people approach wellness and medical services. From artificial intelligence-powered health apps to revolutionary medical devices, these companies are redefining the future of health care. In this article, we explore 15 intriguing startups that are leading the charge in revolutionizing health care on the bustling Hong Kong Island.


Website: Olivex

Olivex’s health care app employs artificial intelligence and gamification to enhance users’ health and fitness.

POC Pharma

Website: POC Pharma

POC Pharma is a SaaS company providing digital solutions for pharma stakeholders to enhance interactions and drive growth.


Website: PanopticAI

PanopticAI utilizes artificial intelligence and signal processing to comprehend the human body and improve health care.

Comedi Health Technology Limited

Website: Comedi Health Technology Limited

Comedi Health offers telemedicine services through innovative computer vision and deep learning technologies.


LUÜNA addresses the gender health gap in Asia with thoughtful products and programs.

Bone’s Technology

Website: Bone’s Technology

Bone’s Technology specializes in orthopedic technology, focusing on treatment and prevention of orthopedic ailments.

Kansas Laboratories

Kansas is a global health care company, providing medical devices, diagnostics, nutrition, and pharmaceuticals.

Heals Healthcare

Website: Heals Healthcare

Heals Healthcare redefines the patient-provider-payer relationship through its proprietary tech platform.

Deep Longevity

Deep Longevity transforms longevity R&D with AI-discovered biomarkers of aging.

Nutrition Kitchen

Website: Nutrition Kitchen

Nutrition Kitchen is Asia’s leading healthy meal plan provider, delivering delicious and nutritious meals daily.

MixCare Health

Website: MixCare Health

MixCare Health offers affordable and accessible health care solutions to underserved populations through SaaS.

Gense Technologies

Website: Gense Technologies

Gense Technologies develops portable self-help medical imaging devices for home-based preventive screening.


Website: REARM

REARM introduces workout apparel with warm-up indicators for visualizing body condition.

Q Venture Partners

Website: Q Venture Partners

Q Venture Partners is an early-stage VC focused on connected hardware, including health care innovations.

Youth Laboratories

Website: Youth Laboratories

Youth Laboratories utilizes AI for impartial analysis of skin health and testing the efficiency of anti-aging products.


Hong Kong’s health care landscape is undergoing a remarkable transformation, and these innovative startups are at the forefront of this revolution. From AI-powered apps to cutting-edge medical devices, these companies are empowering individuals and driving advancements in health care services. As Hong Kong continues to embrace innovation, these startups will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in shaping a healthier and more connected future for the city and its residents. The future of health care in Hong Kong is indeed promising, thanks to these trailblazing startups.

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