Indian AgTech Innovations: Startups Reshaping Agriculture in Asia

January 2, 2024

The AgTech industry in India has experienced rapid growth since 2020, largely due to the country’s vast agricultural sector which employs a significant portion of the Indian workforce. This tech innovation in agriculture has created modern farming methods, predictive analytics tools and fresh produce marketplaces, helping to eliminate bottlenecks in the supply chain and reduce wastage. Here, we will be highlighting some of the rising AgTech startups in India that were established in 2020 or later.

These startups originate from across the country and are increasingly leveraging technology to deal with the challenges within the farming industry. They are not only improving efficiency and productivity for farmers but are also contributing towards a sustainable future for the agriculture industry. These companies have brought innovative solutions that are of value to both the farmers and the end consumers, creating a balanced ecosystem that benefits all involved.

For consumers, these startups are delivering fresh and sustainable produce. For farmers, they are helping increase profitability through improved yield, efficient supply chain management, and direct access to customers. Let’s get to know these startups in more detail.


Based in Delhi, Otipy is bridging the gap between farmers and their consumers. The emerging enterprise is the social commerce venture of Agtech startup Crofarm. By utilising AI-based demand prediction tools, Otipy is able to predict product demand and facilitate on-demand harvesting, ensuring the delivery of fresh produce on the same day and minimising wastage. Read More


Founded in Bangalore, Vegrow simplifies farming and increases land utilization for farmers. Positioned as an asset-light farmer, they partner with farmers, aggregate supplies and sell to an organized demand through partnerships. Vegrow is on a mission to build the world’s biggest asset-light farmer. Read More


Operating out of Mumbai, Innoterra is on a mission to ensure the sustainable supply of healthy food across the globe. Their agri-tech platform is designed to transform the food ecosystem at scale and offers comprehensive services that include improved access to information, capital, markets and more. Read More


Based in Noida, Krishika aims to assist farmers by providing free crop lifecycle advisory and high-quality farm inputs at competitive prices. Their e-Mart app is an assisted e-commerce platform that allows them to reach out to a larger number of farmers in a cost-effective manner. Read More


Coming from Hyderabad, Samhitha is providing precision farming advisory to farmers. Their expertise lies in capturing soil moisture, soil temperature, soil pH, EC and weather data, as well as providing information on pests and diseases through their cutting-edge wireless devices. Read More

Farm Infinity

Founded in Guwahati, Farm Infinity is an agri-fintech solution that facilitates easy access to affordable financial services for smallholder farmers. Their patent-pending proprietary technology enables financial institutions to reduce their risks and help them make better decisions. Read More


Located in Gurugram, O’AgriFarm is transforming the agricultural value chains to solve major issues and benefit all stakeholders involved in the process. Read More


Operated out of Kolhapur, is a fast-growing tech-enabled B2B agri-commerce platform that is revolutionising and digitising the highly fragmented sugar industry. Read More


Based in Kanpur, Esfresho is an Ethereum-based blockchain designed to bring transparency and accountability to the organic food production process. They also aim to improve the livelihood of farming communities by increasing their income up to 4X. Read More


Founded in Trivandrum, Greenikk specialises in creating a digital ecosystem that is centred on banana farmers. They offer financial assistance, seeds, crop advice, insurance protection, agri inputs and market connections to banana farmers. Read More

Bhasha: Life

Based out of Bengaluru, Bhasha: life, is looking to create better margins, generate trust and cultivate transparency throughout the supply chain for non-perishable agri products, handlooms and handicrafts. Read More

These pioneering startups are not only helping with sustainable agricultural practices but are also significantly contributing to shaping the AgTech industry in India, breaking new ground in solving agri-based issues, enhancing efficiency, and most importantly, making our planet more sustainable.

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