Exploring India’s Rising Adventure Travel Startups in Asia’s Vibrant Landscape

January 3, 2024

In a growing world of digital technology and evolving travel preferences, startups within the Adventure Travel industry have found a renewed interest. With a spotlight on startups in Asia, we’re diving into the world of Adventure Travel in India, focusing on those created in 2020 or later. As the travel industry adjusts to new norms, these startups are making their mark with innovative concepts, services, and passions. From solo backpacking trips to group vacations, let’s explore the startups breaking new ground in the Adventure Travel sector.

The Indian subcontinent with its varied topography and rich cultural heritage offers a wide array of adventure travel possibilities. New startup companies are leveraging these potentialities by introducing unique and exhilarating adventure travel experiences for both domestic and international travelers. They are readiness-to-serve the discerning new age travelers who are looking for more than just a tour package.

In this piece, we’ll take you on a journey through some stunning startups that have emerged in the adventure travel landscape in India. From the hills of Haryana to the coastal charm of Tamil Nadu, these startups are transforming the way India travels.

Zo World

Focused on creating a global travel ecosystem, Zo World is a startup founded by Dharamveer Chauhan in 2020. Based out of Gurugram, Haryana, Zo World connects travelers with local friends called Zo Community, making for an immersive travel experience. Stay connected with Zo World on LinkedIn.

Adventure Republiq

Adventure Republiq reigns as a leading online tour and travel platform, offering a variety of tour packages and adventure activities in India and around the globe. They promise best price and free cancellations on all tours.

Happy Go Trips

Based in Delhi, Happy Go Trips is led by passionate travel enthusiast Manu Khandelwal. Specializing in delivering journeys that capture the essence of each destination, rather than superficial charms. Follow their adventures on Facebook or LinkedIn.

Trek Adda

Offering travel guidance and community interaction, Trek Adda is backed by Founder Amitava Nath. The platform encourages users to share their travel stories and connect with tour operators. Stay in touch with them on Facebook.

Clazy Airways

Established in 2020, Clazy Airways was formed with the vision of making air transportation accessible to everyone. Founded by Sathishkannan D, they offer regional air transportation and private jet bookings from the southern part of India. Stay in touch with them on Facebook or LinkedIn.

Roadiz Adventures Private Limited

Roadiz Adventures Private Limited aims to make travel a unique, seamless experience. Founded by Amrita Patel, Roadiz connects customers with providers of caravans, campsites, and adventure activities. Stay connected on Facebook or LinkedIn.

Trip and Town

Trip and Town is a travel guide portal offering insightful information for tourists. They provide a comprehensive detail of various tourist locations across the globe. Connect with Trip and Town on Facebook.

Wanderlust Adventure

Wanderlust Adventure, the brainchild of Nilesh Chanchiya, is a travel company offering both domestic and international travel services. Their goal is to provide an ultimate travel experience to customers at attractive prices. Connect with them on Facebook or LinkedIn.

Explorb Travels Pvt Ltd

Explorb Travels Pvt Ltd creates customisable, flexible tours for guests to various Indian destinations. Led by founders Arpan Adhikari and Pallab Adhikari, they aim to make each tour an unforgettable experience. Follow them on Facebook.


Seeking to provide an all-in-one travel booking solution, bookbyrooms was founded by Bhaskar Ojha, Gautam Kumar, Ravi Shankar, and Sunil Kumar. Connect with bookbyrooms on Facebook or LinkedIn.


Founded by Swena Kalra, Advenchar is creating waves in the adventure travel industry. Details on their offerings can be found on their Facebook and LinkedIn platforms.

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