Emerging Jakarta Retail Startups Transforming Asia’s Shopping Landscape

January 30, 2024

The startup landscape in Jakarta, Jakarta Raya, Indonesia, is bustling with youthful energy and innovative minds. Despite the challenging circumstances created by the COVID-19 pandemic, a host of vibrant new startups have surfaced since 2020, particularly in the Retail industry. This article will showcase these companies, highlighting their founders, areas of specialization, and overall business focus.

Jakarta’s startup scene is blooming across various industries, particularly within the retail sector. The city’s digital landscape presents a ripe opportunity for new businesses to conduct online trade effectively, and many appear to be leveraging this advantage to the fullest.

Here’s a closer look at ten of the most promising retail startups headquartered in Jakarta, whose inception dates from 2020 onwards:


Founded by Farand Anugerah, Farandy Ramadhana, and Yosua Setiawan, Segari is a rising star within the online grocery sector. The company specializes in offering consumers access to a wide range of fresh food products right at their doorstep. Connect with them via their social media pages found here: Facebook (Segari), Twitter (@), and Linkedin (Segari).


Food.id, an e-commerce platform founded by Andy Hidayat, focuses on connecting food enthusiasts with various offerings and sellers. You can check them out on their Facebook page (Food.id).


An e-commerce venture offering consumer goods in the retail sector, Istyle caters to style-conscious customers, looking for trendy products. Istyle is also available on Twitter (@istyleid), Facebook (Istyle), and Linkedin (Istyle).


As a digital minefield that marries B2B ecommerce with internet retail, GoToko brings an interesting mix to Jakarta’s digital retail space. You can also find them on Linkedin (GoToko).

Sinergi Trikarya Perkasa

Offering a unique blend of machinery manufacturing and bakery services,Sinergi Trikarya Perkasa primarily serves the bakery industry by distributing high-quality equipment. You can learn more about them on their Facebook Page (Sinergi Trikarya Perkasa) and LinkedIn profile (Sinergi Trikarya Perkasa).


Focusing on big data and analytics, SmartCart Technology, founded by Philip Barton, offers a comprehensive data capture platform for retailers. Check them out on their Linkedin profile (SmartCart Technology).


With a unique blend of apps, consulting, and market research, Pintap, founded by Yunosuke Shigesato, mixes IT expertise with retail services to bring more benefits to the traditional market. Visit their company Linkedin profile (Pintap) to learn more.


Operates as an e-commerce platform offering a wide range of consumer goods in a robust and user-friendly interface. Find more about them on their Linkedin page (Berkahi).


Mycoplan operates as an online app for both cooking and grocery procuring. Their goal is to simplify the customer’s experience. They are also available on Twitter (@mycoplan), Facebook (Mycoplan), and Linkedin (Mycoplan).


Teroka provides a platform that simplifies the process of product and brand creation. You can reach them on Facebook (Teroka) and Linkedin (Teroka).


Tjufoo, founded by Aldrian Foo and TJ Tham, aims to create a community of entrepreneurs looking to grow together. Discover more about them through their Linkedin page (Tjufoo).

Indeed, Jakarta’s startup scene is thriving. Despite the challenges of the pandemic, these entrepreneurial ventures are pushing through, bringing innovation and creativity to the forefront of Indonesia’s digital economy within the retail sector. We look forward to witnessing their undoubtable growth and success in the years to come!

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