Emerging Dubai-based Asian Startups Revolutionizing Mobile Apps Industry

January 30, 2024

As the technological epicenter of the Middle East, Dubai houses a vibrant startup ecosystem that is continually growing. In this feature, we spotlight some promising startups in the mobile apps industry, founded in 2020 or later. These companies are not only pushing the boundaries in their industries, but are also driving Dubai’s broader startup ecosystem with new technologies and innovative ideas.

These startups operate in diverse sectors ranging from gaming, fintech, and IT to marketing, e-commerce, and more. What unifies them is their utilisation of mobile app technology to deliver exceptional services and solutions. Below, we dive into the details of these Dubai-based enterprises, providing a peak into their businesses, services, and unique selling propositions.

Boss Bunny Games

Helmed by founders Aziza Alahmadi and Geraint “G” Bungay, Boss Bunny Games operates in the gaming and mobile apps industry. The company boasts over 60 years of combined experience in the video games industry, focusing on publishing and supporting games from global indie groups and solo studios, with a sharp eye for local talent. Connect with them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

VAI Marketing Management

VAI Marketing Management is a company that operates in the brand marketing, mobile apps, social media management, and web development sectors. More information about the founders and the company can be found on their LinkedIn page.

Atechy Technologies

Atechy Technologies is a multi-faceted technology company that provides EdTech, FinTech, LegalTech, custom software, mobile and web development services. Using complex software and algorithms to deliver consumer-friendly and streamlined services, they specialize in digital solutions for health management. You can follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

365 App Solutions

Operating in the realm of e-commerce platforms, mobile apps, search engines, and web designs, 365 App Solutions is an emerging player in the Dubai tech scene. Learn more about them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Faateh Tech

Faateh Tech promises successful online branding strategies, digital transformation solutions, aesthetic web designs, and sophisticated development. Offering robust digital marketing solutions, they dedicate a team of excellent marketers and software specialists to each client. Connect with them on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


On a mission to make early learning seamless, Montiplay offers a research-based platform for parents. Their stage-based mobile app includes play guides developed by Harvard researchers, focusing on babies’ cognitive and motor development. Stay updated with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

The Accounter

Fadi Elghattis-founded The Accounter has made accounting more accessible to micro and small companies. The app’s AI system automatically processes uploaded bills/invoices, simplifying accounting processes. Follow them on their LinkedIn page.


Technology company IO21 FZ LLC specializes in developing innovative software solutions to meet people’s needs. Following the mantra of “powered by intellect, driven by value,” they operate efficiently, support continuous improvement, and ensure high-quality deliveries. Learn more about them on LinkedIn.


TestApp.io founded by Omar Masad, is a platform designed to help mobile app developers receive feedback on their apps before launching them on Google and App stores. More about the company can be found on their LinkedIn page.


Zofeur offers a wide range of on-demand mobility services related to cars. Ranging from hiring a personal chauffeur to arranging vehicle inspections, they promise quality services on your doorstep within 20 minutes. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Focused on connecting local restaurants to food communities, Keeperz offers a platform that allows users to discover new dining experiences and share them with others. Serving both users and partner restaurants, Keeperz paves the way for a wholesome dining experience. Connect with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

This feature only scratches the surface of the dynamic startup landscape thriving in Dubai. As the city continues to innovate and grow, we look forward to watching these and many other companies change the face of the mobile apps industry in the region and beyond.

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