Emerging Analytics Startups Transforming Indian Tech Landscape in Asia

January 2, 2024

Welcome to another article in our series on startups operating within Asia. This segment will delve into startups established from 2020 onwards and based within India that are making strides in the analytics industry. Each of these startups is brimming with innovation, harnessing analytics to solve problems, streamline operations, and provide valuable insights that help businesses become more competitive in their respective domains. Here, we highlight these startups, providing a glimpse into the products and services they offer.

The application of analytics in various industries can be quite transformative – helping predict future trends, making sense out of data points, making data-driven decisions, and improving overall operational efficiency. The following startups, in no particular order, are endeavours that are contributing significantly to this transformation, each with a distinct offering.

Let’s take a closer look at their stories, aspirations, and journeys so far:

FloVision Solutions

Established by Elise Weimholt and Rian Mc Donnell, FloVision Solutions focuses on offering a food analytic platform. They optimize supplier comparative analysis, meal performance, and food wastage. Besides, they use machine learning algorithms to detect food waste, offering users recommendations to reduce their food footprint and save money.

Coulomb AI

Coulomb AI, founded by Khushboo Shrivastava and Santanu Mondal, provides predictive battery analytics software specifically for electric vehicles. This Bangalore-based startup aims to revolutionize the electric vehicle industry by boosting battery performance and extending battery life.

DeFi Wizard

Based in Bengaluru, DeFi Wizard, founded by Anand Kamath, is a dashboard for building DeFi (decentralized finance) smart contracts with a few clicks, offering real-time programmer analytics and allowing users to create smart contracts.


Chat360, founded by Shivam Verma, Sunnyraj Agarawal, and based in Pune, is a multichannel conversational marketing platform offering businesses tools to generate more leads, increase customer retention, automate customer support, and streamline marketing efforts via AI-driven solutions.


Founded by Arnob Mukherjee, Bengaluru-based Olvy provides a customizable user interface with diverse widget styles. The platform filters categories, integrates SEO, and uses sentiment analysis technology to analyze product releases and user journeys via a dedicated dashboard.


Founded by Avni Sood and Sandeep Singh, DataChannel is a completely self-serve no-code SaaS platform used for Data Aggregation, Analytics, and Visualization. It can be used to quickly aggregate and move all the companies data from any source be it a cloud-based SaaS application or an On-premise database to a Data warehouse of your choice. You can then use the platform to transform and prepare the data for use by downstream BI or analytics tools/processes. All this without writing a single line of code or requiring any technical skill or expertise.. Follow them on Twitter or visit their LinkedIn and Facebook pages.


Based in New Delhi, Easyinsights operates within various sectors including analytics, business intelligence, and IT to provide efficient, market-leading solutions.

Exim Trade Data

Exim Trade Data, based in Mumbai, provides comprehensive export and import trade data for over 60+ countries. They specialize in data mining and processing, offering accurate and custom-made data solutions.


Founded by Akash Amritkar, Mumbai-based startup Fluidata works within the sectors of analytics, business development, and cloud computing, offering unique product solutions.


Based in Bengaluru, Cubera revolutionizes big data analytics and Adtech. It operates on data value share principles, where users entrust zero-party data that the company leverages for data processing and analysis.

Cumulative Data

Cumulative Data is based in Palakkad and offers services in analytics, data integration, and consulting. They strive to offer innovative data solutions for businesses that lead to better decision-making.

We’ll be back with our next article shortly, highlighting another set of innovative startups in Asia. Until then, happy reading!

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