Emerging Analytics Startups: Bridging Australia and Asia’s Technological Landscape

January 2, 2024

The Asian startup landscape recently saw a surge in new companies focusing on the analytics sector. This industry is instrumental in helping businesses and organizations make informed decisions through data analysis. Various startups headquartered in Australia that have been established in 2020 onwards are making promising strides in this field. These companies are utilizing cutting-edge technologies to deliver cutting-edge analytics services across various industrial sectors. Here, we spotlight a select list of such startups based in Australia.

These startups have leveraged their creative drive to generate innovative analytics solutions with a global footprint. They offer a wide array of services including artificial intelligence, big data, customer service, digital marketing, mobile apps, and much more. Whether your enterprise is seeking to harness AI or delve into data mining, these startups provide the resources and expertise to augment your business operations.

It’s exciting to track the evolution of these startups and see how they impact the world of data analytics. We believe that these companies offer what it takes to bring progression and positive transformation industry-wide. Without further ado, let’s look at these startups and see what they have to offer.

Relevance AI

Headquartered in Sydney and founded by Daniel Vassilev and Jacky Koh, Relevance AI assists in gaining insights hidden in text fields and image files. Their unstructured data platform reduces the need for manual examination of qualitative data for patterns. It is capable of handling any amount of data with no labelling required. Find them on LinkedIn.

Place Intelligence

Place Intelligence, led by Bonnie Shaw, Norion Ubechel, and Sean Campos, assists in managing urban spaces and places. They offer advanced big data analytics to help governments, cities, design firms, and place managers improve citizens’ lives. Find them on LinkedIn.


BruntWork offers numerous services like customer support, web design & development, social media marketing, analytics, and much more. They help businesses improve productivity and reduce operating costs. Find them on LinkedIn and Facebook.


Founded by Daniel Han-Chen, Moonshot is working on creating the world’s first public simulation of Planet Earth to solve critical global issues. It aims to be the world’s first multi-purpose AI simulation. Find Daniel on LinkedIn.


Co-founded by Christopher Bartlett, Tapestry provides analytics, data integration and visualization services. Find them on LinkedIn and follow them on @tapestryAI on Twitter.


PiXCo, founded by George Qiao, George Wu, and Melissa Hayes, offers services including product data, application design, and advanced analytics. Find them on LinkedIn.

RT Reporting

Established by Tyler Sidwell, RT Reporting helps small businesses predict future performance through their cash flow forecasting and reporting software. Find them on LinkedIn and Facebook.

Pocket Insights

Pocket Insights offers analytics and data integration services. Find them on LinkedIn. Follow them on @pocketinsights on Twitter and like their Facebook page.


Founded by James Charlesworth, X-Functions helps businesses optimize operations through intelligent prediction and process automation. Find them on LinkedIn. Follow them on @x_functions on Twitter.


Co-founded by Boris Guennewig and Georgie Brooke, smrtr brings a unique approach to Data as a Service (DaaS), providing audience segments, insights, and advisory services. Find them on LinkedIn. Follow them on @smrtrau on Twitter and like their Facebook page.

Corporate Connect Research

Founded by Paul Sanger, Corporate Connect Research specializes in the analysis of issuer-sponsored research for ASX-listed companies. Find them on LinkedIn. Follow them on @corporateconne3 on Twitter and like their Facebook page.

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