Delhi’s Pioneering Advertising Startups Driving Innovation Across Asian Markets

January 2, 2024

Welcome to Beststartup Asia’s special feature on the amazing new breed of Asian startups. In this piece, we cast our lens over Delhi, India’s thriving capital and one of Asia’s most dynamic startup hubs. Despite being notorious for being one of the busiest places in the world, this city has managed to incubate a number of cutting-edge startups in the realm of advertising. Today, we intend to honor these startups —all of which established in 2020 or later— that are transforming the way we advertise, market, and connect with customers.

These Delhi-based startups have been instrumental in redefining the advertising landscape through technological innovation and creative brilliance. They have garnered a great deal of attention for their novel approach towards advertising, integrating the latest trends and tools of digital marketing, search engine optimization, content generation, and social media marketing to deliver personalized and impactful communication. These startups have tackled numerous challenges posed by the unconventional circumstances of 2020 and beyond, showing immense resilience, adaptability, and innovation.

In this feature, we will shed light on these trailblazers, their businesses, and how they’re redefining the rules of the game. We’ve bundled up brief descriptions and website links to facilitate a closer look. Let’s dive in!

Build Brand Better

Build Brand Better stands out as the solution for preserving brand reputation in the online sphere. Their team of experts serves brands with best-in-class Online Reputation Management (ORM) services, designed to repair brand image, protect against future online risks, and cultivate a positive online presence.


Monkedigital is a 2020-founded Digital Marketing agency dependent on delivering clever marketing solutions. Based in New Delhi, the agency is propelled by their founder, Shubham Tyagi.

SaaS Growth Advisory

SaaS Growth Advisory is another Asian gem, providing a unique blend of Advertising, Consulting, Marketing, and SaaS services. The business is founded by Shikhar B.


Yogipedia is a marketing firm, specializing in Advanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and paid ads management. The company, led by Yogesh Pal, also assists small and medium-level companies boost sales, increase Google rankings, get more website traffic, and optimize lead generation through their strategic marketing plans.

Lemon Media Company

Lemon Media Company provides a broad spectrum of advertising services including photography, SEO, social media marketing, and web design that help ignite brands and businesses to stand out in this digital age.

HerHQ Media Networks

HerHQ Media Networks is a distinguished advertising and business development firm known for their effective market research and marketing solutions.

Desi ChalChitra

Founded by Bhavya Singal and Neelam Singal, Desi ChalChitra is an ambitious team endeavoring to flood the Internet with information waves in the most creative, engaging, and effective way possible.

Digi Om Marketing

Digi Om Marketing, distinguished for their trusted digital marketers and certified strategies, assists business organizations in boosting their online conversions and brand awareness.


Starting as an IGNOU university startup, Anlitiqs has quickly grown into a seasoned Internet marketing, web development, SEO, digital marketing and website design firm in New Delhi, gaining clientele all over the world.


DigitalZeg Virtual puts deep understanding of digital marketing strategies and practices to work, providing high-quality services in digital marketing, technology, branding, and consultations.

Targe Media

Targe Media, founded by Anirudh Walia and Prashant Shekhar, helps music artists grow their brand presence and achieve their dreams. Leveraging smart tools and strategies, they outdo traditional approaches to empower and outfit music marketing, resulting in high levels of success.

These Delhi-based startups represent just a fraction of the inexhaustible Asian startup narrative, yet they show the scale, diversity, and dynamism of ‘Startup Asia’. With their game-changing innovations, they are not only revolutionizing the advertising industry but also rekindling our belief in the potential of startups to solve complex issues and create a better future.

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